Corporation News


13.03.2945 - Mining improvements

Ursa has acquired RSI Orion, new mining ship and is now equipped to start gathering resources. At start Ursa will be shipping raw ores, but later on will be also trading processed resources. Ursa has been making plans for manufacturing and mapping out potential places to build or purchase necessary facilities.

05.02.2945 - URSA will be having brand changes

CEO Mika Kuusela has announced that URSA will be having brand change soon. URSA has also opened registrations on its SkySite. Citizen are able to registrer themselves and inform their willingness to participate on recruitment process. Several new jobs has been opened and are now available for citizens.

26.12.2944 - URSA is preparing for the next year

This year has been quiet for Ursa Technological Solutions. Few deals gone south, but also few deals with great success. Also URSA was able to be made few new acquisitions. Freelancer was upgraded to DUR model and that will strenghen our exploration department. Constellation went through similar upgrade and was upgraded to Aquila and with that URSA is able to do deep space exploration and also can make better planetary survey. Last but not least URSA was able to acquire Mustang Alpha. That will help corporation on every day operations and smaller tasks. Also URSA acquired brand new hangar space for every ship, Revel and York design so everything is brand new. URSA has opened discussion with dealer for acquisition for Orion, which would strengthen our mining department immensely.

URSA has been able to have new employees so corporation is slowly growing. There are still many job opportunities in our corporation so don't hesitate send open application into our HR department.

URSA wants to wish all happy new year!

22.01.2944 - Ursa Technological Solutions featured in UEEN

United Empire of Earth News has listed top 100 rising corporations. Ursa Technological Solutions was featured in the list and was in ranking 89. Corporation can be found from UEEN Holosite Ursa Technological Solutions

CEO of the corporation commented released list:

I'm very pleased that our corporation fit in the list. This shows that citizens has still faith. I have no doubt that we will continue our good work and effort. We will bring URSA back in the map and we will erase shameful past.