About the website

My name is Mika Kuusela and I'm from Finland. I love gaming, movies and tv-series. My first Chris Roberts game was Wing Commander on Amiga 500+. I just loved the game and after that I was hooked. Over the years I have played other Chris Roberts space games and I have loved every single one of them. Freelancer was pure joy. Since then I have been waiting and waiting for the new Chris Roberts game and now it is under development, Star Citizen. Kickstarter was like rollercoaster ride. I was excited to see how many others have been waiting this one. I have been following SC development since I pledged on Kickstarter and it sounds very promising.

What comes to this website is that this is going to serve as my corporation (hopefully) starter website. There will be updates about Star Citizen and of course incoming corporation. News section will be containing SC news and corporation news, announcements and etc. With corporation news I'll try speak ingame and paint the picture like it would be some futuristic corporation. I hope I will succeed on that.

Corporation section will contain all essential information about well corporation :) history, aspects, hopes and dreams and even job opportunities.

Everyone should know what links will contain. Information about websites regarding Star Citizen.

And finally contact information will be added to contact section. There you can leave comments and suggestions how improve website and that sort of things.

And as a final word I will be making website technical side first so there won't be any bugs for example contact forms etc. Of course I'll make some content on the site, but it won't be high priority at start. And oh website name is temporary so I have to do some brainstorming and with that will come also site logo. So welcome and I hope you'll enjoy.

With Best Regards
High Admiral Villaovi