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10.01.2944 - Ursa Technological Solutions starts new year with big announcement

"Today I stand tall front of you all. I'm glad to announce that Ursa Technological Solutions has entered agreement with Scandinavian Alliance. Joining to Alliance was next step to our corporation. It will bring stability and safety to our fellow employees. This year will be important to our corporation. We are going to expand and we also will be making agreements with other corporations as well. "

Ursa Technological Solutions held press conference in their headquarters. CEO of the corporation speech was filled with inspiring words. He spoke with warmth and positively. His speech ended to these words:

United we stand, in peace we prosper

For more information about the Scandinavian Alliance UEEN recommends visiting Scandinavian Alliance

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09.12.2943 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

15.11.2943 - Recruitment continues

Pilots are needed to join our organization. We have job opportunities in every field our organization offers.

Recruitment Continues

05.11.2943 - Ursa Technological Solutions still looking new recruits

Ursa Technological Solutions is continuing search for new recruits.

New recruits needed