Corporation News

28.09.2943 - Corporation accused being untrustworthy

Ursa Technological Solutions accused being untrustworthy by unknown party. Unknown party claims that Ursa Technological Corporation was contracted to do mining viability analysis to asteroid. Unknown party claims that they received report which stated asteroid wasn't viable for mining. However unknown party told us that they checked asteroid few weeks later and found out that asteroid has been eviscerated and it was full of holes. It was stated that those holes could only have been done by mining laser. We contacted Ursa Technological Solutions and CEO commented this way "With quick glance we have checked that we haven't received such contract from unknown party. However there will be full investigation. In meanwhile we will be holding unknown party accountable for slander and attempt to tarnish corporation reputation."

UEEN will be monitoring situation closely. CEO of Ursa Technological Solutions promised that investigation will be over swiftly and there will be severe consequences to all concerned parties.

United Empire of Earth News

27.08.2943 - Corporation recruitment video

Ursa Technological Solutions has released recruitment video.

"Ursa Technological Solutions released recruitment video to help corporation get new workers which are desperately needed. Looks inspiring. CEO has told us that corporation Human Resources is still accepting job applications." United Empire of Earth News

27.07.2943 - New careers available

Ursa Technological Solutions has new career opportunities. Corporation needs space explorers, traders, miners and manufacturers. Corporation provides to all employees:

  • Health benefits
  • Financial support
  • Stress free environment

Send your Curricum Vitae with open application to corporation Human Resources and they will contact you and will interview you.

Join our ranks today and be part of great family.

28.10.2942 - Corporation founded by Mika "Villaovi" Kuusela

Ursa Technological Solutions founded by Mika "Villaovi" Kuusela. Corporation main functions are exploration, mining, trading and manufacturing.

"CEO of Ursa Technological Solutions, Mika Kuusela has started from scratch. CEO commented to us - This is new era for me and I'm trying to start fresh and learn from past mistakes. I hope I can rebuild this corporation towards greatness and leave behind Hydra Industries colorful past." United Empire of Earth News