Star Citizen News and Site Updates


01.05.2015 - Small update and few fixes

As you may have seen menu has been updated and now it uses Jquery. Also members page has been added. Developing is moving on with slow pace.

13.03.2015 - Website development

Several things has been improved on website. More things to come though. Users can now modify own profile and check out own profile. TODO list there is function for account termination and password change.

08.02.2015 - Forums removal

Forums has been removed. It is possible that forums will be placed with new version and different forums platform, but that is yet to be determined.

06.02.2015 - Numerous changes to website

There has been numerous changes to website. Website accepts now registration. All registered users are considered as registered users. As being registered user you are able to change your personal information when that feature has been done. Once registered users has been confirmed being part of organisation, he or she will be raised to employee rank and after that have access to URSA Ship Module.

Fleet page has been remodeled and most of the ships are found in database. Additional features will be added in time.