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17.08.2013 - Corporation changed name

So there you go. I decided to go other way with corporation name. I realized that I may have been in error when choosing the name first place. Using own callsign may seem callous so I think this is the best way to show that this corporation tends to be my own corporation as much it is your corporation. After all we are big happy family.


Be Cool and Fly Safe!


13.08.2013 - Changes in corporation

Past week I have been thinking about corporation and I have decided that I will be changing the name. Now I have few name options. Reveal will be made on 17th of August. Change will affect also background of corporation. Part of the recruitment video will be remade.

04.08.2013 - Updates on the website

I have made some changes to website functionality. Also small change to corporation logo was made and on website logo. I have added contact form so if you want send some feedback about the website, join corporation or just want to say hello, be my guest and use contact form. I also added link to corporation recruitment thread on RSI community forums. Go check it out and if you want to know more, write post to thread or contact me through website, twitter or youtube channel.

Be cool and fly safe!

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02.08.2013 - Villaovi Incorporated recruitment

Please check out Villaovi Incorporated recruitment video.