Star Citizen News and Site Updates

27.10.2013 - 25 million stretch goal

Gotta love Star Citizen fans. Yet another million broken. Like Chris Roberts citizens REALLY loved those Hornet variants. With that release pledges went over 25 million dollars swiftly. This means alpha stage can be constructed to wider area. Previous plan was start with North America and then expand Europe and Australia, but now remote servers can be put up earlier thus ensuring less latency for gamers in Europe and Australia.

Chris Roberts released letter as usual Letter From The Chairman


27 million stretch goal revealed. Read all about it.

17.10.2013 - Few layout fixes

Some layout fixes so text is more readable. Also made boxes for the text so news can be separated.

14.10.2013 - Forums layout problem and Google+

So Maberous informed me that there was layout problem with community forums when using Chrome. I checked layout and there was indeed some issues with the layout. I tried to fix them, but I wasn't successful so I decided change layout alltogether. After changing I tested it with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It seems fully functional.

I'm old Youtube user and I had account before Google acquired Youtube. So they want to integrate everything with Google+ and I have been avoiding this, but I finally cave in. My Youtube Channel is now linked with Google+. That Google+ page will serve also as corporation page. Ursa Technological Solutions Google+ page

07.10.2013 - Corporation community forums

Corporation community forums has been up and running for few days now. Minor adjustment done to layout.