Star Citizen News and Site Updates

29.09.2013 - Some changes

I added more menu options and also changed that Corporation news will be shown as default and Star Citizen News and Site Updates are behind own link. This mainly because I'm trying to make this site look like corporation website even though being virtual corporation upcoming game Star Citizen.

27.09.2013 - CIG gets another milestone

CIG gets another milestone! 20 million stretch has been broken. 13 days until anniversary of Star Citizen kickstarter campaign began. 21 million dollars is needed before SC is fully funded in the eyes of CIG. Of course technically they need more than that, because of kickstarter fees and other fees. However getting 21 million by the anniversary would be very nice feat indeed.

Let's make it happen, Citizens!

27.09.2013 - Website upgrades

As you can see. There has been lots of changes to website layout. I hope it is much better than previous one.

24.09.2013 - Website workup

Changes to website backend has been made so website is easier to keep up to date.