Star Citizen News and Site Updates

31.08.2013 - In The Verse - Episode 1

In The Verse - Episode 1 has been released. Go check it out on my Youtube Channel

31.08.2013 - New corporation name

So let's hope this was the last time I have to change name. I made few searches to forums so I could find if there were other corporation with the same name. So new name is Ursa Technological Solutions.

Also Star Citizen has hit 17 million mark. Battlecruisers and engine modifier updgrade pack. Great job everyone!

27.08.2013 - Lesson of the day

What goes under black flag with skull and bones in it? Well pirates of course. So you should do thorough investigation before choosing name of the company, guild or squadron. Aquila IX is pirate group and they didn't like my name so yet again I have no name for the company.

25.08.2013 - 16 Million dollars pledged!

16 Millions Dollars! Now that's great job everyone. With that stretch goal there will be Arena Mode: Test your fighting skills in simulator. Are you the next Space Ace? and also every pledger who has pledged before 16 Million mark gets laser pistol so you are warned space pirates. We are armed and dangerous.

There were also revealed 18 million stretch goal:

Exclusive star system for pre-launch backers. Only players who support the game before its launch will receive the computer coordinates needed to allow their jump drives to access this system.


Nice little bonus for all the backers.


Until then see you In The Verse.

Be Cool and Fly Safe!