Star Citizen News and Site Updates

27.07.2013 - Corporation recruitment video released

Recruitment video is coming along very well. It is almost ready, only needing final touches. Video will be posted on Youtube Channel.

25.07.2013 - Corporation history

Corporation history and key members has been added to site. Also corporation logo has been done. Currently working on small video about company and it will be released in my youtube channel.

30.06.2013 - New RSI website released

On 28th of June, 2013 new Roberts Space Industries website was released. You can check it RSI Star Citizen. Naturally thousands and thousands visitors were able make it happen again what did happen on start of Kickstarter, overload the website. I listened few hours 24 hours live stream where RSI employees announced new stuff and of course the website.

Initially they started with 8 servers to run website, but soon after the launch they doubled it and still it got hammered pretty bad. Well maybe this will be RSI tradition. Crash the website in the beginning of new things. I just hope when the game is launched servers won't crash or overload :) Anyhow plenty of good stuff was announced.

And what also is remarkable that last time I checked cash pile was as high as 11,7 million dollars and there are over 200.000 citizens. So that is huge. I hope RSI will release soon more stretch goals so I can start throwing my money on the screen.

29.06.2013 - Website launch

This website was started. It is taking baby steps and won't qualify as alpha yet :) but I will get there.